Seasonal Services

We offer a variety of seasonal services, tailored to combat seasonal problems.

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Fall Nutrient Application

Our Organic Nutrients are a blend of vitamins, minerals, and beneficial fungi. This potent product improves the efficiency of feeder root systems and enhances resistance to disease and pests. Proven to increase the vigor of all plant life.

Fall Pruning

Fall pruning helps to prevent dead wood and any cracked or weakened limbs from falling in the winter.

Fall Deer Tick Spray

Deer Tick populations are at the highest during the Fall, which is the optimum time to have your property sprayed with this highly effective solution.

Anti-Desiccant Spray

This spray protects shrubs and ornamentals from Winter burn damage, which is especially important for new plants.

Fall Conifer Spray

For the safe control of Adelgid & Scale, which are very prevalent.

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