Chemical Labels

Education is key. Below are a few of the products we use for our Plant Health Care applications. For the most part, we strive to apply organic applications.

Organic Applications

EcoVia EC
For organic tick applications. Manufactured by Rockwell Labs Ltd. View label (PDF)

Omni Oil
Used for Dormant Oil, Conifer (Mid-Season & Late Season) applications. Manufactured by Helena Chemical Company. View label (PDF)

PHC BioPak Plus
For feedings. Manufactured by Lebanon Seaboard Corporation. View label (PDF)

Chemical Applications

Chlorothalonil 720 SFT
For fungicide applications. Manufactured by Quali-Pro. View label (PDF)

Myclobutanil 20 EWT&O
A systemic, protectant, and curative fungicide for disease control in landscape ornamentals. Manufactured by Quali-Pro. View label (PDF)

Pegasus DFX
For fungicide applications. Manufactured by United Phosphorus, Inc. View label (PDF)

Tempo SC Ultra
For traditional tick applications. Manufactured by Bayer. View label (PDF)

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