Plant Health Care

Plants and trees need a healthy environment to thrive, just like humans do. Plant Health Care (PHC) in its broadest terms is a holistic approach to keeping your entire landscape healthy, lush and beautiful, using the most environmentally-friendly practices possible. We will evaluate and identify the problem, and create a custom plant health care program for your environment.

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Spray & Feeding Services

Dormant Oil Spray Controls Insects, Scale, Aphids & Fungus

Conifer Spray (Mid & Late Season) Conifer Spray Scale, Adelgid & Aphids

Deer Tick Spray Controls Deer Ticks

Fungicide Applications Applications to control fungus on flowering trees and shrubs

Liquid Feeding by Root/Foliar Application to improve the health and vigor of trees and shrubs

Serving Serving Westchester & Fairfield Counties, Block Island & Rhode Island Emergency Service Available